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Engage and motivate by creating a point system, awarding badges, displaying competitions, assigning quests, and opening a reward store.

Competition Gamification Main

Engagement & Motivation


Win a trophy or receive a participant badge. Reward the highest scorer and fuel the players to outperform. Competing individually as a player is rewarding, playing together as a team is a culture booster. Play against other teams or work against the clock!

Recognition & Engagement


Award badges for earning points, accomplishing specific goals, or to celebrate long-term engagement and loyalty. Players have profile pages to display their collected badges for a sense of pride as well as bragging rights with their fellow players.

Badge gamification

Grow & Insights


Share content, create quizzes and surveys. Simplify onboardings, educate on policies, best practices, or ask for feedback to gain insights. Earn points for completing Quests. Gamify the experience.

Loyalty & Recognition


Redeem awarded points in the reward store. Let players save up for their favorite reward. Add a catalog of rewards and set prices.
Widgetboards gamification dashboard

Data Visualization


Visualize data with widgets. KPI, Charts, and more. Compare data to players, teams, or a target. Widgets can be clustered into a Widgetboard and added to a profile page.


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