Employee Engagement and Gamification


Enhance business performance and improve customer experience with engaged and motivated employees.

Employee engagement and why it’s important. A business’s most valuable resources are engaged employees. Their workforce represents the company brand and serve as the first line of communication with customers and partners. When employees are engaged and motivated, they provide a better experience for customers and coworkers, which pays off in higher monthly earnings. But how engaged are your employees?

Research in employee engagement space shows that 34% of the workforce is truly engaged in the workplace. 53% are just doing their jobs and can still level up their game by a few notches. 13% are visibly disengaged. Since millennials are the least engaged employees according to Gallup, when compared with Gen X & Boomers, these statistics can shift in the wrong direction. In fact, by 2025 75% of the global workforce will be millennials!

Employee Engagement - Gamification

According to research by Gallup, engaged employees generate higher profitability than their disengaged peers. Companies with engaged employees have higher earnings per share and tackles recession better.

Why do some companies fail with employee engagement?

Reasons are many and vary per company. Not only are distractions everywhere, thanks to computer or smartphone notifications, the relationship between managers and employees if further divided than ever. Many disengaged employees don’t see company values reflected through manager actions. They also feel a lack of work recognition, a lack of challenge and purpose, and fail to understand company goals and how to climb the corporate ladder. These reasons lead to employee disengagement.

How can Gamification help employee engagement?

Gamification gives employee meaning and purpose for their work. It offers goals and progression systems that are easy to communicate and visualize.  Additionally, it creates an employee journey with multiple ways to branch out, grow, and develop their skills in specific subject areas. Points and badges show status within the business and help employees understand how they can advance. The data is accessible for the employee, so they can always see how to better themselves..

Gamification is all about transparency. Showing top leading employee points for any month or year creates healthy and friendly competition. Gamification also triggers positive feedback loops that promotes a culture where every voice counts. Employees learn to improve group dynamics, find innovative ideas, and enhance working processes. These gaming elements work together to celebrate great performance and fosters a better team culture. In summary, Gamification will take your business to new heights. Learn more about gamification game elements.

Benefits of Engaged Employees

It’s no secret that engaged employees are more likely to perform better. Companies with higher employee engagement levels have been shown to be 21% more profitable. Higher engagement levels also creates better customer experiences which lead to customer engagement. When employees are more engaged with Gamification, businesses experience fewer turnovers, less sick leave, and fewer accidents. Employees enjoy more happiness, improved health, and rapid personal development.

Start to engage employees!

Gamification improves existing business practices with the help of game elements. How do I start? We always recommend KISS, Keep It Stupid Simple. Business games that are too complicated give game designers problems that delay implementation. Here’s a list of six actions that will help you get started. 

  1. Why are we gamifying?
  2. What we are gamifying?
  3. Who are we gamifying?
  4. Where can we measure the results?
  5. Just do it! Nike said it best.
  6. Be flexible and try adjusting game mechanics based on feedback and ad-hoc changes.

Begin with something simple and then evolve from there. Below is an example of higher productivity. Create shared goals and visualize in a great and fun experience.

  1. Increase productivity (Why)
  2. Production activity (What)
  3. Production line workers (Who)
  4. Through Pointagram of course (Where)
  5. Create a simple game where the production team together competes against a goal (Just do it)
  6. Adjust metrics based on floor changes and then go at it again (Change and iterate).

Pointagram offer a fast and simple way to start gamifying your employees. Pointagram is the best “do it yourself” gamification software out there because it leverages the best in “click and go” software. You will be able to build an easy game offering a friendly competition or a whole career ladder experience for your employees. Pointagram is the gamification tool of your choice. Did we mention that there is a generous free account? Start elaborating today.

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