Flexible pricing


We have two main pricing models, per player and per account. Select the one that fits you best.  

Per Player

4 Monthly and Player
  • Per Player
  • Unlimited transactions*
  • Unlimited competitions
  • Unlimited badges
  • Quest
  • Battles
  • Reward Store


59 Monthly
  • Unlimited Players
  • 2000 transactions/monthly
  • 5 active competitions
  • 10 active badges
  • Quest
  • Battles
  • Reward Store

Flexible Account Plans


Looking for more? Feel free to contact us regarding enterprise plans.

Frequently Asked Question


Transaction is everytime a score is registered into Pointagram.

Forever, if you use Pointagram more than free allows a stale mechanic will kick in and ask you to upgrade.  If you don’t upgrade you still will get 100 new transactions next month again. Stale will stop calculating data in all our features, but we still store the new scored points for you. Nothing will go lost.  

First, you need do sign up for an account. Then you can upgrade from the Profile Page —> Settings Menu under Billing information.

No, lock-in is used in Pointagram. You can pay per month and at any time unsubscribe. Also, you can decide to pay yearly and receive a more compelling price(Not redeemable)

The total number of transactions is capped at 3000 transactions per player and month. Please contact us if you believe that you need more.