Recognition & Motivation


Celebrate players’ successes and loyalty with the ultimate badge of honor! Award badges for earning points and for accomplishing specific goals and demonstrating long-term engagement. 

Players will take pride in showcasing their hard-earned badge achievements. These badges motivate and inspire players to aim higher and strive for excellence, creating a more engaging and rewarding experience.

Badge gamification
Badge Achievements Gamification
Engagement & Motivation


Design high-score badges to keep track of record holders or King of the Hill badges to claim another player’s badges. Set time-based targets to achieve for badges that can be earned multiple times or create one-time-only badges that can be earned only once. Add level badges to provide clear progression and a sense of accomplishment as players advance.
Recognition & Engagement


Encourage players to earn badge achievements by earning rewards for their accomplishments. Keep them motivated by providing rewards for each level they attain. Create a fun and rewarding environment to foster a community and deliver an exceptional experience that players will love.
Badge Rewards Gamification

Engagement & Motivation

Filters and secret badges

Use a team-based filter to define which groups are eligible to earn specific badges. Secret badges that are hidden from users until they achieve the goals required to earn them, adding an element of surprise.