Data Visualization

Widgetboards and data visualization

Widget boards enable tracking key performance metrics. It is easy to compare data and identify trends.

Display the dashboard on a TV screen for real-time performance tracking.

Widgetboards gamification dashboard
Widgetboard Trend and piechart

Data Visualization

Trends and Pies

Pie charts and trend widgets are valuable tools for visualizing data and providing insights into key metrics. By comparing trends to a target, widgets can help businesses make informed decisions and take corrective actions to achieve their goals.

Data Visualization


KPI widgets are a powerful component of any successful business strategy, providing key performance indicators in real-time. With easy-to-read visuals, businesses can quickly monitor progress toward goals and make data-driven decisions to optimize performance.
Widgetboard KPI

Data Visualization

LIst view

List view widgets offer users a powerful way to display multiple data series in a single table, providing a concise and user-friendly grid overview. In addition, it can show showcase badge progression.

Data visualization

Push to Player profile

Create and group widgets into a dashboard and push it to the player profile page to show stats and target progression. 

Widgetboard Profile Push