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Welcome to Pointagram docs. In the following chapters, you can read more about all our functions in Pointagram. If you like video tutorials, please check out our tutorial page. There’s also more information on our blog.

Pointagram is a gamification tool built to be simple and flexible. Everyone should be able to gamify whatever without any hassle. Key features in Pointagram are players & teams, score series, competitions, badges, casts, quests, events, reward stores, integrations, and social feed. Don’t worry, you don’t have to use all features. But at a minimum, you need a few players, a score series, and a competition.


Players are usually persons that you create and invite to play. Players can be grouped into teams. Invited players can log into Pointagram and set their own avatar, name and anthem.

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Points & Score Series

To keep track of points Pointagram uses score series. You can create any number of score series to fit your needs. Think of a score series as a score sheet where all points are registered. Examples of scores series are: Won deals, Appointments booked…

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Pointagram has several different types of competitions. A to B, Leaderboard, Head to head and Together. A competition is always started for a specific timeframe, for a number of invited players and for one or several score series. Each competition type comes with several different customizable themes that sets the layout of the competition screen.

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Pointagram uses badges to encourage individual player achievements. There are different types of badges like reach an amount, high score, king of the hill, level badges and give away badges.

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A quest is a sort of mission that you can create and assign to your players. When players complete a quest, they can be awarded points or a badge. Build a simple survey or an entire course. Quests are flexible and can handle sections with different activities such as Quizzes, Forms, and Rich Text Content.

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Reward Store

Reward Store is a great way of showing player recognition. Good deeds give players currency earnings. This currency can then be exchanged for goods and non-tangible gifts.

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