Engage & Motivate


Create a friendly and engaging competition for both individual players and teams. Compete based on the highest score or target progression. 

Choose from a variety of competition types and themes, and display them on an office TV. Add a personal touch, and play a brief music snippet when a player scores.

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Engage & Motivate


Easily automate competitions by scheduling them to repeat regularly with Pointagram. Once set up, the platform will handle the rest, including changes in team members and reusing rewards setups.

Loyality & Motivation


Rank and target-based rewards are great ways to motivate players in competitions. Rewards for first, second, and third place can encourage healthy competition among players. Offering rewards to “Other players” can keep all participants engaged and motivated.

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Compete Customize
Customizable Features


Create a new theme to reflect a unique brand identity. It allows changes to the leaderboard background, columns, and other elements. Go crazy by changing the A to B theme and replacing airplanes with drones.

Fun & Engage


Players can challenge each other and engage in one-on-one battles to keep score of their victories. Results can be displayed on a big-screen TV, creating an opportunity for more personal interactions among players.