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About: Nordic’s leading player in IT, Communication and Facility Services. From document solutions to fresh office fruits, everything you need for your company. Over five hundred employees, over 1.3 billion SEK in revenue and with continued aggressive growth. Owned by Nalkas Sweden AB aka. IKEA Investment company.

The challenge: Office Management knew the power of engaging and motivation employees well. They already had sales competitions in place. But they struggled with keeping track of all the data, in excel, power points and different systems. The sales reps were often out on meetings and had no clear view on how they were doing. They only received updates during weekly meetings and accumulating all the data for these meetings was a nightmare. The big issue was no-real time data.

Decision:Jimmy got in contact with Pointagram through other business relations with the owners of Pointagram and jumped on the wagon quite early. Earlier Jimmy had looked at other solutions for his business but did not find anything simple and flexible enough to fit his needs.

Implementation: From decision to app in hand, it only took a couple of minutes. After taking some decisions on how to set up the competitions and the badge system, Jimmy invited his players and they were up and running. When that was set, no obstacles remained. As Jimmy puts it: “If you know social media platforms, you know Pointagram. It’s that easy”.

Office Management - Motivation
Interviewed: Jimmy Agelii, Sales Director for Facility Services in Stockholm Pointagram boosts our employees motivation and gave us a great team spirit!

Connected systems: At start, Office management only had Pointagram connected to SuperOffice CRM. After some time, they decided to connect Pointagram to Qlikview.

Results: No more information islands and trying to gather information from different systems. Everyone knows in real-time what the competition stats are, their own and their colleagues, total transparency! Sales reps on the field have all the data in hand and can boost colleagues by commenting and liking their latest deal.

Jimmy can start a ‘Friday competition’ within seconds and send the information out to his sales team. Also, Pointagram’s ability to send information through mobile push notifications gives him a new way to communicate with his team.

Achieving a greater team feeling and more motivated employees! Real-data total overview for employees and managers. Pointagram is a system that gives Office Management a competitive edge over their competitors.

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