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Malaga conference

Neither can we. Pointagram headed downtown Malaga for a mini-conference. While working on new features we also took time to study the local sight and the social culture. Let’s say that we are blown away by Malaga.

Why we love Malaga – for the cultivated

Our stay in Malaga occurred at the same time as a Carnival. The dedication to the street dances and the design cloths artwork is amazing. The great mix of grownups and children under the same act gave the Carnival a great local touch to the event. And all around the city center people were dressed out singing at random places. We caught very few people staring at their phones, only using a phone as a camera occasionally. Maybe it’s the carnival or maybe it’s the weather, but the people seem to care more about the surroundings. It was a relief to see people looking up instead of staring down into their phones.

Don’t worry we did work 🙂

sketchvs. gamification pointagram

Also, we released a couple of new functions that can be handy for Admins:

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