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Pointagram Competition Logic is an addition to how competition points are calculated. Up until now a player score in a competition has been calculated as the sum of points from the selected competition score series. This is still the default behavior but with Pointagram Competition Logic you can also calculate the player score as the count of point transactions in the competition score series and for leaderboard competitions you can even compete on max point value!

On top of that Competition Logic has a factor, that can multiply each point score with a specific factor that you decide.

Now why is this good news for our you?

Example 1 – Sum of Points or Count of Points:
Let’s say that your sales people register the amount of new sales in Pointagram. Previously you could only compete on who has the highest sum of sales value for a certain period. If you wanted to compete on number of sales you had to create a separate score series for this.

With Pointagram Competition Logic you can set up a competition that uses count of transactions instead of sum to achieve the same result. No need for a separate score series.

Competition Logic Gamification
Competition Logic Gamification2

Example 2 – Factor, the Multiplier:
In Pointagram a competition can have one or several score series. When using two score series, you usually compete on different type of activities.

For example, you may have one score series for customer meetings and one for phone calls. When setting up a competition that uses points from both score series you might want to adjust the values. For example, you may want to give 5 points per meeting and 1 point per call.

This is now possible by setting a factor of 5 for the meeting score series in the competition set up.

Example 3 – Max value
So, we all know that Alex is in the lead for this month’s total deal value and Kim is in the lead for number of deals. But who has landed this month’s biggest deal? This is where you can use the max function for a leaderboard competition.

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