GDPR Pointagram

Personal data in Pointagram

The personal data stored in Pointagram are described in the terms of usage that each user is presented with upon creating an account in Pointagram. The user must approve each of the following (except for the newsletter question).

Account data

We use the email address you provided as your login name. We use this email address to communicate with you regarding issues related to your Account.

Profile data

Each profile may have an email address, a profile name and profile pictures. By default, the email and name are set to your account email and name, but you may change this at any time.

Other data

Pointagram obviously stores other data about you when you are using Pointagram. Such as: Competition results, Badges awarded, Points scored, Comments and likes. This data along with profile data is normally only seen for players in the same organization or group but since this data may be visible on a dashboard it may also been seen by people not using Pointagram. If you’re using out mobile app and turn on notifications, your device id will be captured.

Forget me

You may at any point request to be forgotten by Pointagram. You do so by sending an email to forgetme@pointagram.com.


Requires your approval. 

Data storage

Data in Pointagram is stored in amazon cloud. Current location is Ireland, but this may be replicated to other locations within Pointagram in the future.

Sub processors

Name of Sub-Processor(Correct entity)NamePurpose
Amazon Web Services Inc.AmazonInfrastructre
GOOGLE LLCGoogleProduct improvement and marketing
The Rocket Science Group LLCMailchimpMarketing
Zoho Corporation Pvt. LtdZoho DeskTicketing
OneSignalOneSignalPush notifications
Microsoft CorporationMicrosoft CorporationOffice Suite
Stripe IncStripePayment processing
Adobe IncAdobeDigital signature