OptoSweden Niklas increased sales
Pointagram TEam

Pointagram TEam

About:One of the leading providers of digitizing company paper flow. Capture paper data digitally both incoming and outgoing. Translating and collected data, automate tedious tasks, and help employees focus on only analyzing data. OptoSweden helps companies to eliminate costly manual work, late fees and increase the invoice capacity.

The challenge: OptoSweden has been trying to motivate and engage their employees and reseller with competitions earlier. They have tried sending emails and using other gamification system but struggled with keeping the data up to date and Pointagram was the only system that could gamify their resellers into the same system. They knew that engaging their whole office required that they had to visualize everything on a TV.
Decision: Niklas decided for Pointagram for a couple reasons. Ability to gamify his on sales team and resellers, easy to set up by himself. Great system in comparison to competitors and for a great price. No set up fees. No risk was taken since he could evaluate Pointagram and could run it for free if he wanted due to the generous free plan that Pointagram offers.
Implementation: From the decision to the app in hand, it only took a couple of minutes. Plug and play integration and a competition were up on the TV screen the same day. As Niklas puts it: “It’s really that simple”.
OptoSweden Niklas increased sales
Niklas Horn Lundberg, CEO OptoSweden Pointagram increased our sales and gave us a new revenue stream!
Connected systems: SuperOffice CRM – One of the leading vendors in Europe.
Results: The yearly quota was met already in May and Pointagram is one of the reasons behind this. Also, the motivation has risen to higher grounds and the transparency has engaged their whole company. Pointagram is so engaging that teammates fight each other to be at the top each week and has also started to help low performing sales reps to catch up. .
The non-sales staff started to sell to clients and went full on GAME MODE, they also wanted to be on the leaderboards. OptoSweden earned a new sales channel and closed new sales opportunities from their non-sales staff. A stream of revenue that was much appreciated.
Now the whole company is cheering each sale even if the sale is closed outside of the office since everyone can see it live on the TV-screen in real-time!

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