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The level badge has been upgraded by our development team. It has been widely used by our customer when it comes to setting up carrier modes and cool titles. Now we have enhanced our badge capabilities so leveling up can be done with calculations. This feature is fantastic and has endless possibilities. It will enhance the whole gamification experience.

Instead of just giving away a level. Now you can base the level upon calculations. Another great feature is the possibility to mix score series from level to level.

New calculation logic can be:
– based on accumulated points
– based on single points transactions
– based on the number of transactions

Video tutorial: How to create a Level Badge

Tips for implementation

When implementing a level badge,  configurations needs to be carefully thought through. If you’re in a business, you need to align your level badges with 👔business goals🎯. Making sure that the player runs🏃 the extra miles for your business in the right direction. 

It’s very important to break down the goals into steps👟
If your goal is to motivate players to run a marathon, you don’t just throw them into a marathon. No, you must slowly change their behavioral and mindset🧠 by steps.

First step might be to run for 2 km. Second step might be to run for 4 km… Program your players into believing that they always can reach the next step. Goals should be progressive and make sense for the player.

A simple sales scenario

Keep your sales reps motivated with side missions and let them unlock badges that no one else has reached. Celebrate milestones of how many sales have been made during their carrier. This list could be endless, we are just showing five level steps:

💰1st Sale, 💰5th Sale,💰 20th Sale, 💰40th and 💰100th Sale

A simple skills scenario

Receiving points for completing tasks or quizzes. The more points you receive the higher skillset you have. Everyone wants the knowledge of a Professor right? This list could be endless, we are just showing five level steps:

🎓1st Trainee, 🎓5th Junior, 🎓20th Contributor, 🎓40th Expert, 🎓100 Professor

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