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Milestone: New user interface

We have reached a new milestone by re-designing Pointagram from the ground up. A new interface has been released in beta. The new user interface (UI) can be switched on/off and soon we will do the jump to only allow the new UI.

There are still some design elements and functions in development. We are delivering it piece by piece. Note, the new UI already looks awesome and will cover 95% of all use cases.

The menu has changed from a horizontal menu to a vertical menu to give more space for all main features. The widget board and cast features have earned their place in the navigation menu. In addition, we have separated the players and organization settings from each other and giving each part a more natural place. Below we will highlight some of the new interface changes. 

The profile page has undergone a major facelift. It is now built upon a configurable tab system. On top of that, we have given administrators more options for controlling the user interface.

Try out our new design

Try out our new design by pressing on “try out our new design” button and make the switch. It is possible to make the switch only for yourself as an administrator and changed the design for the whole account. Note, if any features are missing, you can always switch back.

New UI

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