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Pointagram Quest: Surveys and Quizzes, how to keep, motivate and elevate your team.

We are all about making teams more motivated and engaged by adding a touch of fun. That is why we are happy to introduce Quest. A quest is a sort of mission assigned to players to be completed individually. A quest can be a onetime mission or roll every weekly/month/year. Players earn points and/or badges by completing quests. We support two types of quests: Surveys and Quizzes.


Surveys: How often do we ask our team members how they feel individually?

To be honest, most of us are buried under loads of tasks and meetings that are important. We do not always get around to ask simple questions that could give us an insight of which mood our team has.

We want to help you stay on top of your team and build a great feedback culture.
Automate parts of your role as a leader and save time while you’re getting more knowledge about how to improve your team. One part is to gather the data, the other part is to interpret the data and taking decisions to improve your team’s well-being. Note: These surveys are only meant as complementary for your “one on one” meetings. And yes, surveys can also be anonymous.

Quizzes: Can an effective onboarding make team members stay longer and be more productive?

Team leaders are often the ones responsible for educating new members and making sure that the team’s overall skillset levels up. The importance of onboarding is too often neglected by leaders (only around 32% of companies has a formalized onboarding plan), usually we tell new members to learn by doing, because that’s how we did it! If we every now and then could document our learnings, maybe next generation of team member would have a chance of not making the same mistakes as we did.

Let Pointagram Quizzes be a part of your onboarding plan and set up quizzes that will ensure that team members understand the company culture, product knowledge and how they should act in their profession.   

Here is why you should start using quests [1]:

  • Effective onboarding increases employee engagement by more than 20%
  • An engaged employee is 87% less likely to leave the company within the first 12 months
  • 70% of new hires make the decision to stay or leave within their first six months
  •  Employees who attend a structured onboarding program are 60% more likely to remain with the organization for more than three years

    Not convinced yet, then you’re a lost cause…

All data is derived from this source:
[1] Why Onboarding That New Hire Will Increase Your Bottom Line

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