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Eleven new updates + some fixes

We have added eleven great requested features. These features are focused on giving more control and speed. All these changes are added to our new interface.

Here are some key updates:

Points: Copy and paste points from a sheet into Add Points.
Points: Added an csv export function to points history
Points: Added a search field for point history

Players: Copy and paste players lists and add players to Pointagram with correct team and ids.
Players: More fields are available when adding players. External ID, Invite, and Team.

Feed: Added a reset feed feature

Widgets: Added a new widget KPI
Widgets: Added a new widget Points
Widgets: Added new placements capabilities

Quest: Added and csv export feature for Quest Summary
Quest: Added and csv export feature for Quest Responses

There are some other fixes, but nothing that is revealed for the eye.

Copy profile widget to other players.
Fixes to level badge settings
Fixes to parse email function
Fixes to Battles, win and lose status
Multiple fixes to TV
Fixes to player team page
Fixes to players page and list
Fixes to select all competition player settings
Minor design fixes to team view in competitions.
Fixes to competition targets in components view.
Minor design fixes to Boring boards
Minor design fixes to Together
Multiple fixes to Widget boards
Fixes to edit widgets
Minor fixes to pie chart design
Minor fixes to leaderboard design

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