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Advanced filter - Feature update!

Our team is always working hard on making it happen! This update is no exception. Before this update, all players had access to all profiles and data within their organization account. The new advanced filter options gives you more control of what is visualized in Pointagram.

Should the players only see themselves or should they only see their team members? Should all competitions be visible or only the ones the player is participating in? When visiting
another profile, should all data be visible or is some data private?

We have provided a couple of examples to give a better understanding of how these options can be used.

Different Teams/Departments

In Pointagram we can connect players to teams. In cases where there is no relevance for sharing information between teams, there is now an option to only show players within their teams. Feeds and notifications will also be separated based on team belongings.

Sensitive Data

Player data is sometimes too sensitive and should not be seen by other players. Examples could be commission or earnings. Now it’s possible to hide score series information when visiting another player’s profile.


It’s wise to restrict resellers from seeing other reseller profile and stats. Keeps them focused and not allowing spying on the competition. At the same time, still having the option to set up a competition between resellers.


Where can the settings be found?

There are four settings types that can be set. Here is where you can locate them. 

Data settings (Under Settings/Edit organization):

– Player can see all (default option)
– Player can only see team members
– Players can only see themselves
– Filter Per Score Series

Competition data settings (Under Settings/Edit organization):

– Players see all competitions (default option)
– Player see competition where they or their team members are participating
– Player see competitions where they are participating

Score Series filter settings (Under Settings/Edit organization):

– Player can see all points (default option)
– Players can only see detail for own points
– Player can only see details and summary for own points.

Exclude Team from Data Settings Filter (Team edit):

– Option to exclude a team from filters.

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