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Release of Master Score Series

Our dev team keeps delivering awesome features that enhance Pointagram. As of today, a score series can feed another master score series with points. Master score series can act as currency, experience points and much more. To explain the capabilities of a master score series, let’s use this scenario. Imagine a team of developers. Their score series data is as follows:

Score series one: Closed Issues in GitHub
Issue Category X Closed: 5 points
Issue Category Y Closed: 10 points

Score series two: Invoice amount from ERP
Invoice amount: X amount points

These score series do not have comparable values. This makes it hard to add them to a single score series in Pointagram. That has now changed with the master score series. As of now, we can send and set a factor value before it enters the Master score series.

How can a Master Score Series interpret the data with factors? Let’s set some rules.

• Closed issues from GitHub is set to have a factor of 0.5
• Invoices from ERP is set to be based on transaction volume rather than x amount points and a factor of 100.

Points in Master Score Series derived from underlying score series
Issue Category X Closed: 2.5 points in Master Score Series.
Issue Category Y Closed: 5 points in Master Score Series.
Invoice amount: 100 points in Master Score Series.

How to set it up?

A new view is presented in score series settings. In the view Link to master score series admin can tell the score series to send points to a Master score series. By pressing on edit and filling in the information.
Link to master score series
Below is an example of sending 100 points per made transaction to XP series.
Manage Master Score Series

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