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New feature: Score Series Limits

Score Series Limits, allows you to set new rules for your game. It’s a great feature and we are really looking forward to seeing what type of games your creative minds will set up!

From the score series edit menu, there is a new button called limits. From the limits section, you now can set how many points/transactions can be given for the entire score series or per player. The limits can be set to per day, week and month. So much power in your hands!

Limits gamification
Score Series Edit Menu
Manage Limits Gamification
Limits box

This release originated from our Spanish customer in Barcelona. Their HR department wanted to gamify good deeds by giving away coins to other players. Using limits as monthly player coin allowance will limit the player by a certain amount of coins each month. 

The game was played non-digitally before with real coins that they received in their pawns. That was cool! Now they wanted to elevate their game with competitions, level badges, onboardings, event attendants, survey’s and quizzes! Great features in Pointagram. Each player will belong to a house which corresponds to a team in Pointagram. A player will be able to level up their character in respective houses. This type of HR is the future, creative and with the players in mind!

Thank you for approaching us and making us level up our game! 

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