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Score Series – Give points to other players and more!

We are planning to release a new score series update (Preliminary release date is June 2nd). This update will among other things give you more options to decide who gets to give points to who. It will also make it possible to hide revoked points in the news feed. Your favorite gamification tool is getting more powerful!

Player can/cannot give points to other players

Build a gamification game based on your company’s core values. Let your fellow players reward other players with points when doing something aligned with your values.


Let’s say that one of the values is “Great Together” and the value activities examples could be: helping a collegue land a deal, taking on someones workload.  The player that recieves help can now acknolwdge that by giving away points to the helper! Don’t stop there, be creative and let your mind run free in the wild!

Players can only see own/all points in history

Now you can decide if the players are allowed to see other players data in point history tables. We always recommend transparency. But sometimes, you need to hide sensitive information from other players.

Revoked points are displayed/hidden in the newsfeed

When revoking points, it’s now up to you to decide if it should be displayed in the feed.

From score series settings

We are looking forward to hearing what you will do with this set of new features! Take care! 

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