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Up until now our weekly/monthly/yearly competitions always ran for a full cycle. So if a weekly competition started on Monday 8:00 AM it always run up until 8:00 AM the following Monday. While this is fine sometimes you want to be more flexible, maybe you want it to end at Friday at 15:00 so you can award the winner before the weekend? Well, now you can!

Repeating Competitiom 1

To create a weekly competition that runs from Monday 8:00 AM to Friday 15:00 just make sure that the end date of the competition is set to a Friday at 15:00. It’s that simple!

If you want your weekly competition to run for a full week, just set the end date to match a full week.

Repeating Competition 3
Repeating Competition 4

These changes will affect all new competitions, old competitions already running will only be affected if you change their start/end time or repeat interval.

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