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The Reward Store Has Arrived!

The reward store has arrived, it is freaking awesome! Create your own currency and add your own rewards 🎁. Players earn currencies that can be exchanged for rewards. Easier than ever!

The reward store can be utilized by anyone. Employees, team members, partners, distributors, and more. Jump into Pointagram and start using your reward store!

One thing that might strike you is that the reward store looks a whole lot different than the rest of Pointagram. It is because we are redesigning our interface, and this is a glimpse of how Pointagram will look in the future.

This feature is built upon request from you, our awesome customers. Thank you for requesting this feature and thank you to our fabulous development team for making this happen. 

Give it a run and let us know what you think! Head to our Reward Store page for more details both in text and in a video tutorial. 

During these hard times, we have included the rewards store under the free plan for a period.

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