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Point types and Tags now in Competitions, Badges, and Widgets!

Point types and Tags are powerful point mechanics. They now are a part of our core features competitions, badges, and widgets! Before we go into deep discussion on how this feature work. Let’s recap what Point types and Tags are.

Point types: It’s a list of achievements with a predefined number of points within a score series. An example could be that a Call generates 1p and a Meeting 20p.

Tags: Is a way of tagging a point or a point type. It can be used for giving points a region, campaign and more. Let’s say that a point type meeting is tagged with new customers. Then you know that this meeting was towards a new customer. This gives us so much flexibility.

In competitions and badges:
Now it’s possible to make competition and badge calculations based on Point types and Tags. Let’s say that we only want to reward activities for certain campaign or activities towards new customers. Now we can.

In the picture, we display two point-types; Meeting and Quote Meeting. Also, every point type has a condition on a tag called New Customer. So, only Meetings and Quote Meetings that are tagged with New customer will generate points.

Filter view

Widgets have been supporting tags for some time. Now widgets also support Point types and more conditions such as “match all or any”!

It’s a great update!


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