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Pointagram TEam

Pointagram TEam


Pointagram wants your feedback and why it matters!

Now it’s easier than ever to communicate with us, we just added a new information button in Pointagram!

You can use it to send feature requests and support questions. You will also find links to useful resources, like our documentation, blog and our calendar (Book a meeting).

Why is your feedback crucial for us?

The best way to improve Pointagram is to develop the platform based on your feedback.

Your opinion gives us a good idea on what features you like and dislike but also what features you think we should focus on next.

A company that runs like a track horse with eyepatches has no sight to the left or right and is bound to miss out on important information. We want you to rid us of our eyepatches and lead us to the holy grail!


In the end, this is a win-win. We both end up with a better product!
Are you up to the task? We are!

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