Pointagram TEam

Pointagram TEam

New competition type, new themes and more…

Another great Sunday release by our development team, new dashboards and the ability to customize competition themes even more!

Top performer

We have released a competition type called ‘Top performers’. ‘Top performers’ works just like a leaderboard competition but with a focus on the top performing players or teams. We have prepared 5 different themes showing top players/teams in different layouts. By default, the themes will only show the top players in a TV-cast but of course this is can be changed by creating your own theme.

New Theme Grids: 1x4,1x5 ,2x2, 3x3, 4x4

Theme editor

We have made a small redesign of our editor to make it more user friendly. In addition we have added more options to customize.

New options for all competition types

You have always been able to change font and background image or switch it to a color gradient of your choice. Last update we added a few background animations and now we added a few more: Sway bottom, Sway top, heartbeat and rock. Our favorite animation is heartbeat, it makes the background image pulse like a heart.

Want to focus on the top players in your TV-casts? Just click on the option ‘Show only first page of players in TV cast’.

New options for Leaderboards

Abrakadabra, your magic wand can now hide newsfeed and latest scorer! Select which columns to show, in what order and add your own labels. You can even change from a table layout to a grid layout (like top performers).

New options for Together

Rainy clouds when your behind target in relation to time

Our together themes are great for having your team work together to achieve a common goal. We had a request from a customer regarding visualization of together competitions. He wanted to display how good his team are doing based on the time that already been spent. Halfway through they should be at 50% or above.

So, we have added the ability to visualize this by a weather icon in the city landscapes templates. If you or on target or above, you will see a sun and when results are within 10 % you will see some sun and rain and if you’re more than 10% of there will be rain 😉

While we were at it we added a variant called ‘Traffic’. Instead of sun and rain you will see a red, yellow or green traffic light.

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