Slack Gamification with Pointagram

Increase motivation and team achievements!

How to setup the integration


The Slack integration pushes information from Pointagram into Slack. Pointagram will post messages to one Slack channel that you choose when authorizing Pointagram in Slack.

Pointagram pushes the following information:
­čîčInformation on ongoing competitions according to your schedule.­čîčCompetition End.
­čîčBadge award.­čîčPoints scored.

Link to our documentation


Make boring data fun by competing as individuals or as a team. We have several different competition types each with even more themes. You can even create your own theme to make the competition look just right.

Badge & Achievements

Give "Employee of the Year badge" to your most valuable player or let players earn new levels in their career path. Challenge your players to earn badge awards by achieving goals set by you.

TV Cast

Create your own channel and show active competitions and player achievements on a big TV screen. Let players select their own anthem and backdrop for their moment of fame! Office engagement is guaranteed.


Check your teamsÔÇÖ pulse by collecting feedback from your team and act on the information they give you!


Build educational quizzes for your team and let them earn points and badges for completing a quiz. Continuous learning made fun!

Social Network

Let your team boost the accomplishments by liking and commenting on each other great achievements!


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