Pointagram Gamification for Slack


Boost engagement and create a fantastic slack user experience. Gamify anything and create a fun and vibrant channel/community. 

Engage & Motivate


Automate the creation of competitions or run spontaneous friendly competitions. Start user competitions or divide users into teams for team action. Schedule channel competition updates and display scores in real time.

Recognition & Engagement

Badge achievements

Earn points and receive badge awards. Automate badges based on time- periods or add rare one-time badges. Create level badges for leveling up a specific skill or show user status within the community.

Slack Add Points

Points and data

points and Score series

Add points directly from Slack to Pointagram or use external data sources to feed the Pointagram score series. Use native integrations or third-party integrations tools like Microsoft and Zapier. For the coder: we have a custom API.


Coming soon...

Reward store: Redeem awarded points in the reward store. Let players save up for their favorite reward. Add a catalog of rewards and set prices.

Quest: Share content, create quizzes and surveys. Simplify onboardings, educate on policies, best practices, or ask for feedback to gain insights. Earn points for completing Quests. Gamify the experience.

Widget boards: Visualize data with widgets. KPI, Charts, and more. Compare data to players, teams, or a target. 

Gamification for Everyone


We believe everyone should be able to gamify everything.

Pointagram clients include:

● HR departments that need to align company culture,
● Sales managers aspiring to improve sales,

● Tech lead desiring to enhance productivity,

● Entrepreneurs looking to make their products more compelling,
● Educators that want to increase learning,
● And many more!

Affordable and cost-effective, Pointagram is perfect for anyone who wants to engage and motivate those in an organization, community, or group.

Ready to Gamify?


You can register an account on Pointagram now for no cost. Just sign up to get started. When you’re ready to add users or expand your account, check out our flexible pricing options to find the best plan for you.