Integration for Slack

The Slack user is provided with a home page. On the home page, a user can see a profile page containing competitions, and badges. Menu to view competition, reward from the reward store and add points module. 

Information flow from Pointagram to Slack:

  • Schedule competition updates as posts in the selected channel. 
  • Posting competition endings in the selected channel. 
  • Posting badge awards in the selected channel.
  • Posting points scored in the selected channel. 

Information flow from Slack to Pointagram:

  • Fetching Slack users to Pointagram players.
  • Fetching Slack posts to points. 
  • Fetching Slack comments to points
  • Fetching Slack reactions to points
Slack Add Points
Slack Reward Store

Setting up the integration

Go to Pointagram settings -> integrations and find the Integration for Slack. Click on the plus symbol and the choose Authenticate. You will be redirected to Slack where you must approve Pointagram to post messages in one of your channels.

Once Pointagram is authorized you will be redirected back to Pointagram and you will get the option to approve default set up. We recommend that you do so (you may customize it later)

Authorize Slack

Integration steps

Pointagram steps are integration events. Available events are Import players(Slack event), Competition periodic updates, and Newsfeed. 

Slack Steps Integration

Slack event

Fetch players automatically by pressing the switch.

Important note, if you already have another integration running with Pointagram like a CRM integration please contact us so we can help you map the players correctly, at support@pointagram.com. 

If you decided to import players at a later stage, you can always press on the 3-dotten meny on the step and select import players. Importing players is done by iterations, meaning it import x amount of players at the time. 

Import Players Slack

Competition periodic update

Schedule competition updates as posts in the selected channel.  Add timestamps, one or more, to get daily updates posted for ongoing competitions.

Competition Periodic Update Slack

News feed added

Select which events you want to be posted. The following events supported:

  • Score series. Will post data in the same way as in the Pointagram newsfeed when somebody scores. That means that newsfeed thresholds are valid here as well.
  • Competition end. Posts results of a competition when a competition ends.
  • Badge award. Posts message when a player receives a badge.

In addition you can set a filter that excludes messages for certain score series.

News feed Slack