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The beta release of our new Quest update

We are happy to release a much-awaited beta. It’s going to change how you are going to use quests. First, let us break down what is available in the current quest and then explain what the new quest can do.

The current quest is either a survey or quiz. Admins have the choice to add a picture, YouTube-video, simple multiple-choice, and add an open question. Ability to reward the player points and badges for completing the quest.

The new quest has an updated design. In the beta mode, we are only releasing Quest settings, Quest reporting, and the Quest player interface.

Access the new quest from the big plus sign on the quest page. 

Quest Settings

A quest can now handle Forms (previously Surveys), Quizzes, and rich text content within the same quest. We also have divided the quest into sections and activities. The sections have the same functions as chapters. Visually this creates a content table and provides an eagle-eye overview.

Content Overview

We have added a rich text editor that can handle text, links, pictures, and video links (not only YouTube). A great way to add informative information to the player.

Forms & Quizzes:
We have added more question types and possibilities. Multiple choice can now handle several answers. The text input for the quiz can now award points for correct phrases/words. The new question types are Ranking alternatives, Rating, and NPS.

Quest Report

This new update comes with a whole new report design. It’s more user-friendly and has more features built-in. As an admin, you can easily see which players have completed a quest.

Quest Reports Gamification
New design of Quest Results
Quest Activity Participants Gamification
Green, red and orange for particaption status

Quest Player Interface

 A new interface is available for the player when doing the quest. 

Quest Documentation & Video

Watch our video and read more from our documentation page

Quest Gamification Update here
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