Thinkific Gamification with Pointagram

Boost students engagement levels and keep them motivated!

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Success Stories: How Pointagram's Gamification Features Boosted Completion Rates and Engagement

30 percent higher completion rates in courses

Don’t just take our word for it – many other educators and organizations have already seen the benefits of using Pointagram’s gamification features. Frogames reported a 30% increase in course completion rates after using Pointagram’s gamification features. Juan Gabriel Gomila Salas saw that their students were more motivated and engaged in the learning process.

Want to motivate students to complete courses and engage as a community? Use Pointagram to gamify your Thinkific course!

With Pointagram, you can add a point system to a course’s activities and create a fun and more interactive experience. Generate competitions between students with leaderboards, badges awarded as they progress, and display metrics. You can even set it up so students can convert points to virtual coins for buying rewards.

It’s a great way to increase course completion rates while also giving students well-deserved recognition for their hard work. But that’s not all! You can also fetch data from other data sources as well!

Easy to use. Simple setup. Endless possibilities.

Easy to use. Simple setup. Endless possibilities.

There’s a reason so many educators, entrepreneurs, HR directors, sales managers, and many others use Pointagram for engaging and motivating those in their organizations and communities to increase learning, boost productivity, align company culture, improve sales, and more.

Pointagram’s features include:

● A gamified profile page for each student that showcases their achievements, ongoing challenges, and metrics.
● Flexible points system that you control and structure. Students can earn points for completing courses, lesson types, and user sign-ins.
● Easy-to-use templates to quickly create fun and engaging competitions, from traditional leaderboard lists to an animated aircraft race for visualizing students’ progress in relation to one another, and more.
● Individual and team competition settings, to help motivate students on their own or build a sense of teamwork by competing together.
● Customizable award badges for specific activities or reaching points of progression through the course.
● Level creation for stages of advancement through the course that can be displayed on student profile pages to show their progress.
● Option to create your virtual coin/currency and add a catalog of rewards for students to purchase.
● Ability to cast to TV screens or monitors for displaying slideshows for competitions, badge awards, events, and metrics.