Thinkific Gamification Integration

Want to motivate students to complete courses and engage as a community? Use Pointagram to gamify your Thinkific course!

With Pointagram, you can add a point system to a course’s activities and create a fun and more interactive experience. Generate competitions between students with leaderboards, badges awarded as they progress, and display metrics. You can even set it up so students can convert points to virtual coins for buying rewards.

It’s a great way to increase course completion rates while also giving students well-deserved recognition for their hard work. But that’s not all! You can also fetch data from other data sources as well!

Installing Thinkific

  1. Click on install, and the Thinkific AppStore will redirect you to an installation page.
  2. Consent to grant Pointagram access to your data.
  3. Sign up to Pointagram. If you already have an account, log in instead.
  4. After the signup process, the system will prompt for adding integration steps. Press on add. See the image below.

Installation is done, what now?


On Thinkific student sign-in and sign-up, Pointagram receives student data and creates students as players in Pointagram. Students’ avatars will be loaded from Thinkific to Pointagram on the next sign-in.


Pointagram has added three score series; Course completion, lesson completed, and user sign-ins. So, now we are starting to track students in Pointagram.
Lessons completed are added as point types in Pointagram. When editing Lesson Completed from the 3-dotted menu, you will find point types under point input. Here you can configure how much each Thinkific lesson type is worth.

Point tags

Every point added to Pointagram gets tagged with a course name. It gives the point context and more filtering options. A use case can be that only specific course points should qualify for a badge, competition, or a KPI widget. Read more about the score series in general. Continue reading here.


How to add Pointagram Profile page into Thinkific.

Pointagram adds a profile page into Thinkific by utilizing Thinkifics own Design your site – Site builder function. Embed Pointagram by adding a section in Thinkific. The most common way is to add a custom page, then add a Pointagram section block and link it to a header.

Watch the video below or follow our step guide.

Thinkific Own Guides, Good To Read:
How to add a custom page
How to add a section
How to modify header

Play Video about ThinkificSectionPointagram
  • Press on Design Your Site – Site Builder
  • Press on the Custom Pages menu button
  • Add custom page, name your page. 
  • Now add a section and search for Pointagram Gamification and add it. 

Settings and text, there are some options:

  • Active tab: which tab should be open when logging into the page.
  • Force single table layout: option for only showing the selected Active tab. 
  • Hide banner: hides the banner, profile picture, and name. 

That is how easy it is to embed Pointagram into Thinkific.

Common questions

No, it only tracks new events from Thinkific. Adding history can be done manually in Pointagram with tags and specific dates. 

Yes, you can. Important that the Thinkific User and Pointagram User have the same email address. On Thinkific sign-in or sign up we will then pair the users. 

If you only are embedding Pointagram into Thinkific, make sure to only add the players as Offline players. Read more about managing players. 

Yes. Pointagram has a team function. At the moment adding players to teams is done manually. There are Pointagram APIs that can handle this type of automation. Get in touch with our team if you need any help. 

Read more about managing players. 

At the moment, it requires the student to have Pointagram login credentials. Admins have to convert the Pointagram players to regular players by sending an invite. The student will then log in through Pointagram’s regular login site. 

Read more about managing players. 
Read more about Reward store.