Pointagram TEam

Pointagram TEam

Update: More competition combinations, Winner or No Winner

Update: More competition combinations, Winner or No Winner🏆

To win or not to win, now you can do both with our new competition logic. Require the winner to reach the target or just visualize data without making it a competition. It’s all up to you. Adding more combinations to our competitions gives you more freedom to inspire and motivate your team. In the competition settings screen there is a new help text section that describes what type of outcome you have in the selected combination.

Make your own combination of Competition Winner and Competition End, available options:

Competition Winner

  • Standings at end
  • Standings at end and achieved target
  • First to target
  • No Winner

Competition End

  • Keep going until time is up
  • First to target or times is up
Target, No Target 🎯

A to B has earlier been limited to only being a target competition. With our latest release we now have added the functionality that enables you to run a competition without targets. So now you can do both. So how will our fancy airplanes be placed in the sky? Well, they will move according to the point relation to other players. Now we have added a switch for target in our competition settings to make it clear when a target is being used.  

Our latest release is based on your feedback that has been sent to us through our app. We thank you for all the guidance and together we are great!👏👏👏

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