Widget Boards are here!

Widget Boards are here! Widgets are moving into our competition boards. Create your own widget boards. Widgets side by side or full size, one or two rows it’s up to you. Set your own background and select the widget types you want. Share the widget board with your colleagues inside or outside of Pointagram. Visualize […]

Push widgets to player profiles

Our latest release has given you the license to push widgets to other players. A very useful feature for admins. Now you can set up a predefined widget view based on a team or player.

Now supporting Tags!

Now, Pointagram support tags! Time to tag your points! Set up your global tags for your score series.

New feature: Score Series Limits

Coins gamified

Score Series Limits, allows you to set new rules for your game. It’s a great feature and we are really looking forward to seeing what type of games your creative minds will set up!

Score Series – Give points to other players and more!

We are planning to release a new score series update (Preliminary release date is June 2nd). This update will among other things give you more options to decide who gets to give points to who. It will also make it possible to hide revoked points in the news feed.

Widget drill down and point history expansion

Profile Widget Update

We’ve just released two new features; The widget drill down option and the score series point history expansion. This will give you the possibility to filter points based on time, team and player!

Hello Slack, time go get gamified!


Slack and gamification. Send competition updates/endings, scores and badge awards to your Slack channel. It’s easy and awesome. As most of all our new features, this is requested by our community.

Level up with Level badge

Level up gamification

Level up! The level badge has been upgraded by our development team. It has been widely used by our customer when it comes to setting up carrier modes and cool titles.