Eleven new updates + some fixes

We have added 11 great requested features. These features are focused on giving more control and speed. All these changes are added to our new interface.

New Pointagram Logo

We have a new logo, and it looks great! It matches Pointagram’ s new user interface.

Pointagram Maintenance Window

HelloPointagramers, Our development team is issuing a notice about a Pointagram maintenance window for July 11th between 0900 am to 12:00 am CET. During the maintenance window, Pointagram will not be available for youand your users.   Best Regards,  Pointagram Team Share this post Share on facebook Share on google Share on linkedin Share on […]

Milestone: New user interface​

New UI

We have reached a new milestone by re-designing Pointagram from the ground up. A new interface has been released in beta. The new user interface (UI) can be switched on/off and soon we will do the jump to only allow the new UI.

Pointagram Maintenance Window

Our development team is issuing a notice about a Pointagram maintenance window for December 20th between 0900 am to 11:00 am CET.

The beta release of our new Quest update

Quest Gamification Update here

We are happy to release a much-awaited beta. It’s going to change how you are going to use quests. First, let us break down what is available in the current quest and then explain what the new quest can do.

New important change to repeating competitions.

Up until now our weekly/monthly/yearly competitions always ran for a full cycle. So if a weekly competition started on Monday 8:00 AM it always run up until 8:00 AM the following Monday. While this is fine sometimes you want to be more flexible, maybe you want it to end at Friday at 15:00 so you can award the winner before the weekend? Well, now you can!

The Reward Store Has Arrived!

The Reward Store Has Arrived! The reward store has arrived, it is freaking awesome! Create your own currency and add your own rewards ?. Players earn currencies that can be exchanged for rewards. Easier than ever! The reward store can be utilized by anyone. Employees, team members, partners, distributors, and more. Jump into Pointagram and start […]

Daily Badge – Feature update

Badge gamify

Daily Badge -Feature Update Our dev team keeps on delivering feature updates. This month is no exception. Before this update we had four time periods for badges: “Ever”, “Weekly”, “Monthly” and “Yearly”. As of today, “Daily” is available. A requested feature by one of our client’s that engages support departments. Can be used for: Daily […]