Can you say Pointagram in Spanish?

Gamification Pointagram - Malaga Conference

Malaga conference Neither can we. Pointagram headed downtown Malaga for a mini-conference. While working on new features we also took time to study the local sight and the social culture. Let’s say that we are blown away by Malaga. Why we love Malaga – for the cultivated Our stay in Malaga occurred at the same […]

Introducing level badges – gamification

Level up gamification

Level badges are now available in Pointagram for all users. Level badges let your users level up in a career tree built by you. Each level comes with a title and mini-icon that is shown wherever the user is displayed. https://youtu.be/cJukxXoZssg Yoda showing off his level 2 mini icon at Pug Works. Level badges are […]

Pointagram goes live – free gamification!

Pointagram Free Gamification

We are happy to announce that we have released our first version of Pointagram to the public. Pointagram is a gamification tool that helps motivate teams and individuals in any organization or private group of people.   Raise the engagement in your teams by introducing fun competitions based on your specific goals. Compete as a […]