Introducing Competition Rewards

Competition Rewards

Wowoah! Introducing player competition rewards. Reward players on rank and, or when the players reach their targets. Set a rank reward for first, second, or third place. In addition, there is a possibility to give “Other players” points as well. Competition rewards work with both team and player competitions.

October updates – Quest Time Bonus and more..

Our latest updates from our development team. We have enriched the Quest experience with a “Time bonus” feature and made quest available in our API’s through the “embed Profile page” feature.

August update – Product highlights

Here are our latest product highlights from our developers. We are very excited about Badge Rewards because it gives another dimension to our rewards system. Try it out, and let us know what you think!

Half-time updates from Pointagram🌟

This year has been exciting with great meetings, new features, and a growing Pointagram user base. We have seen higher demands for embedding Pointagram into other applications. To fulfil the increased need we have made profound changes to Pointagram. Also, we left our legacy user interfaces, added value-creating features, and fixed more than 50 UI/bugs issues.

Eleven new updates + some fixes

We have added 11 great requested features. These features are focused on giving more control and speed. All these changes are added to our new interface.

New Pointagram Logo

We have a new logo, and it looks great! It matches Pointagram’ s new user interface.

Pointagram Maintenance Window

HelloPointagramers, Our development team is issuing a notice about a Pointagram maintenance window for July 11th between 0900 am to 12:00 am CET. During the maintenance window, Pointagram will not be available for youand your users.   Best Regards,  Pointagram Team Share this post Share on facebook Share on google Share on linkedin Share on […]

Milestone: New user interface​

New UI

We have reached a new milestone by re-designing Pointagram from the ground up. A new interface has been released in beta. The new user interface (UI) can be switched on/off and soon we will do the jump to only allow the new UI.

Pointagram Maintenance Window

Our development team is issuing a notice about a Pointagram maintenance window for December 20th between 0900 am to 11:00 am CET.