Boosting Remote Work: Gamification for Slack With Pointagram and Gamification

Remote work is changing how we do business. More companies are working from home or from different places around the world. So, how do we keep everyone connected and excited about their work? One answer is gamification on Slack with Pointagram.


Why is Everyone Working Remotely Now?

Many things are making remote work popular:

  1. Good Tech Tools: We have fast internet, online storage, and apps that let teams work together easily, no matter where they are.
  2. Better Work-Life Balance: Working from home lets people manage their work and personal life more easily.
  3. Working Across the World: Businesses are everywhere now. This means teams often work in different countries.
  4. Change is Good: The COVID-19 event showed us that working from home can work really well.

What's Tough About Working Remotely?

Remote work is great, but it has some challenges:

  • Feeling Alone: Without chats by the coffee machine, some people might feel lonely. Virtual coffee breaks can help with this.
  • Staying Motivated: Without an office vibe, some might lose their drive. A routine and a work corner at home can help.
  • Talking Clearly: When we’re not face-to-face, messages can get mixed up. Video calls and clear messages can fix this.
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How Can Gamification Help?

Games make work fun. When done right, they can:

  • Motivates people to get things done: Making a game out of tasks can get things done quicker.

  • Keep Spirits Up: Giving awards and having fun competitions can make people happier with their work.

  • Keep Good Workers: If people enjoy their work, they’ll stay. Games can help with this.

  • Work Together Better: Games can get teams to join forces and work together.

Competition Rewards GamificationRewards

Slack & Gamification: A Perfect Match

Slack, a cornerstone tool for countless teams, offers seamless communication, file-sharing, and collaboration. Infusing gamification elements into this platform not only makes work more engaging but also harnesses the competitive and cooperative spirits of individuals, leading to the outcomes mentioned above.

Gamification Examples in Slack

  • Community Builder: Awarded to those who actively participate and contribute in Slack discussions. Criteria: Reach 500 messages in a month.

  • Helper of the Month: Recognizes someone consistently providing helpful answers. Criteria: Manually awarded by admins to a standout community helper.

  • Engagement King/Queen: For the individual receiving the most reactions (like, thumbs up, etc.) on their Slack messages. Criteria: Highest number of reactions received in a month.

  • Feedback Guru: Awarded to those providing valuable feedback. Criteria: Give feedback 20 times in a month.

  • Event Enthusiast: For those who actively participate in Slack-based events.

Community Leaderboards:
  • Most Active Members: Ranks members based on messages, replies, and threads. Measures: Total contributions (messages + threads).

  • Top Solution Providers: Recognizes members providing the most solutions or answers. Measures: Number of marked solutions or thanked answers.

Why Slack and Pointagram are a Winning Combo

Using Pointagram with Slack makes games even better. Pointagram has leaderboards, badges, and points. Businesses can make their own games for their teams. This makes work fun and gets good results. Available in Slack App Directory

To Sum It Up

Remote work isn’t just a trend. It’s here to stay. With tools like Slack and Pointagram’s games, businesses can make sure their teams are happy and get the job done. In the future, work is all about fun challenges and working together, no matter where we are.

No Slack? No Problem!

Even without Slack, you can still supercharge your remote team’s engagement using just Pointagram.

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