Pointagram has two types of players:
Players and Offline Players.

The only difference is that Offline Players does not have an own user account login. Offline players are managed by the admin.

Offline players can be useful when setting up a new account. Users can be imported from for example a CRM system as offline users and the admin can then decide who gets to play by converting offline users to players.

Players doesn’t have to be human, it all depends on what you want to play with. A player could for example represent an asset or a store.

A player has a profile where the player can see all achievements such as trophies and badges but also a widget for statistics.

Converting Offline Players

This section will describe how to convert an offline player to a player.

  1. Press on Player menu
  2. Select the offline player that you wish to convert
  3. Then on the profile, press edit
  4. In profile setup, fill in a valid email address
  5. Then select convert to user
  6. Save changes
  7. Now the recipient of the email address will receive an email on how to connect to Pointagram.


Each player in Pointagram has its own profile.

Profile icon – Icon to be used along with your name in competitions and news feeds.

Event / Battle icon – Icon to be used in battles and events.

Display name – Name of the player. Players are free to change their names.

Email – Email address for player. Only used to invite a player to Pointagram.

Profile type – Personal or member of an organization.

Battle enabled / disabled – Used to opt in / out in battles. A player who choose to opt out can’t be challenged by other players.

Events fields – coming soon

Event theme – Choose a theme to be used when player achieves an event.

Anthem – Choose sound to be played when celebrating player event. Only sound from soundcloud can be used. Go to soundcloud.com, find your song and paste the share link into the field below.

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