Widget board

The widget board a.k.a dashboard consists of one or more widgets fetching live Pointagram data. Widget boards can be made public and displayed to players, shared to none players with a share URL, and included in tv-cast.

Widget board setup

Add a new widget board by pressing the plus button on the right corner of the Widget board page. 

Score Series Add Button
Widget board create gamification
NameWidget board name.
ThemeSelect one of the available templates.
Customize ThemeEdits and adds a new theme.

Widget add/configuration

Widgets can be found in a widget board and on the profile status tab.  Configuring a widget is done in the same way. The only differentiator is how to initiate the add widget process. 

Widget board – add widget
Add a new widget to a widget board by pressing the 3-dotted many on the left corner. 

Profile status tab – add widget
Add a new widget to the profile status tab by pressing the 3-dotted many on the right corner. 

Widget Add Profile

Widget configuration
Add a new widget to the profile status tab by pressing the 3-dotted many on the right corner. 

Widget general
Widget typeSets widget type
Chart typeType of chart to present data. Choose from Line, bar, and Pie.
HeightSize of the widget. High or normal.
WidthSize of the widget. Wide or normal.
PositionPosition of the widget. Widgets are displayed in rows left to right.
Widget metrics
Score seriesSet the score series for the widget
Period lengthSets the time period for the widget. Available Options: Year, Month, Week.
Time typeSet the periods to rolling, current or last
Sum/CountCalculation logic: Sum up the points or count the transactions.
Sum upVisualizes the widget by no sum, sum up or sum up with the total.
Widget filter
Show for

Select whose data should be displayed. Current, meaning the active player. Available options are for All, team, player and current. 

Note that when current is used and the widget board is displayed in a TV-cast a random player will be chosen each time the widget board is displayed.

FilterFilter the widget based on point types or tags. 
Compare toCompare the score series data to: Saved target, Manaul target, another player or a team. 
Target/Saved TargetSet the comparing target.
Chart typeSets the chart type for comparing data series.