TV - Cast setup

Casts are used to show and share your leaderboards and other players achievements in Pointagram. Each cast has its own script of competitions, battle results and badge awards to show.

A cast can be accessed through either a share link or by going to tv.pointagram.com and enter the cast’s channel name and pin-code.

Casts can be displayed on a big screen TV by attaching a media player like a chrome bit or windows mini-PC.

Cast fields

Sharelink – Copy this link and paste it wherever you want to display the cast.

Web browser TV channel – Used for access on tv.pointagram.com

Pin – Used for access on tv.pointagram.com

Name – Your name of the cast.

Do not show events / Show events – Events will break into your cast whenever an event occurs if this option is on.

Off air / On air – A cast must be on air to be displayed.

Cast Items

Cast items define what should be displayed in what order. You can add competitions, battles and badge achievements to your cast. You can also define how long you want each item should be displayed.

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