Lime Go

Pointagram fetches userssales, calls and new customers from Lime Go. This enables competitions and badge achievements on all values.

Pointagram default steps available for Lime Go:

  • Positive Call
  • New Customer
  • Deals Created
  • Negative Call
  • Deals won
  • User Import

A player is created when a user scores the first point

    1. Go to Profile
    2. Then press setting
    3. Then press integrations
    4. Select LimeGO, when pressing on plus sign
    5. Then press create
    6. Add key
    7. Get the key from LimeGO(settings/integrations/LimeGO API Keys)
    8. Add the key from LimeGO into Pointagram
    9. Then press on plus button
    10. Select to add you preferred step
    11. Then click on the gearwheel of the selected step
    12. Select the score series you wish to connect
    13. Then mark enable and save