Theme editor

Just head to Settings under Profile and then click on “Theme Editor”.

Color 1: Is the primary color
Color 2: Is the gradient color. If you only want one color sett color2 to the same values as color 1.
Color 3: Is the 3d shade of the Plus buttons.
Color 4: The background color

New - Settings Intro

The settings page gives the administrator more control of the UI experience, features settings, and more. 

New - Settings

Basic settings for the account where administrators can set account name and player filtering options. 

NamePointagram account name
Data filter

Sets what are players allowed to see. This options filters out the feed and the players from the players menu.

There are four options available:

  • Players see all
  • Filter per score series
  • Players see only team members
  • Players see can only themselves
Competition data filter

Sets what are players allowed to see in competitions.

There are three options available:

  • Players see all competitions
  • Players see only where they or their team members are participating
  • Players see competitions where they are participating

New - Theme editor

Rebrand Pointagram UI by changing colors that match brand identity. There are five different colors and each of the choices also has a font option between white or black color. In addition, there is a possibility to set an organizational cover image on the profile page. Each player can personalize the page by uploading their own picture. 

To change the color settings press on the color that you wish to change. 


New - User view

The user view page gives administrators more control over the user interface. Decide what menu items are available for users and set the start page. 

User view set - Player

The profile navigation page has a set of tabs that can be switched on and off. Also, each of the ongoing components has a show more features that take the players to the menu page. 

New - User access

This page shows what login provider the account allows and how many players of each provider that account has.  

User access

New - Battles

Battles settings enable admins to:

  • Enable or disable the Battles for the organization
  • Set how many active battles a player can have at the same time
  • Set max battle time duration
  • Set a deadline for a challenged opponent to respond to a challenge before it automatically turns to declined.

New - Current Usage

This page shows the account current month usage and what plan the account is connected to. 

New - Billing/Update plan

More info coming soon…

New - Integration

More info coming soon…


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